swagger-bootstrap-ui 1.7.5, Swagger front-end UI implementation

swagger-bootstrap-ui 1.7.5, Swagger front-end UI implementation

swagger-bootstrap-ui 1.7.5 is released. swagger-bootstrap-ui is the front-end UI implementation of Swagger. The purpose is to replace Swagger's default UI implementation of Swagger-UI and make the documentation a little more friendly. 

In this version, the core JS components of swagger-bootstrap-ui are refactored. In the new version, the document presentation will remove the original table presentation method and display it in markdown format.

The main updates of swagger-bootstrap-ui 1.7.5 are as follows: 

-Refactor DApiUI.js function, the new version uses SwaggerBootstrapUi.js to facilitate later expansion, and delete invalid js, css, html files at the same time, the new version of the jar package is reduced from the original 760kb to 295kb

-Refactor the document page, remove the original table display method, the new version uses the markdown format to display the document, a single document page can be copied

-Added the global parameter configuration function, which is convenient for online debugging when there are global parameters for the request parameters


-Support offline document format, generate markdown format documents for developers to generate static documents externally

Preview the effect through the markdown conversion tool Typora

Typora export pdf preview effect

-Add clipboard plug-in, offline document can be copied function

-The official release version removes the console printing debugging information

-Fixed debugging page to remove the root path/of the url, the project name is not ROOT, or the path is wrong in the case of distributed, and there is a problem with an extra "/"  

-fixed RequestBody receives the entity object. When there is a List property in the object property, the parameter displays the array, and the object property display needs to be parsed for easy viewing

-The attributes of fixed objects are displayed as strings, but the attributes are not displayed

-tip: Chrome browser is recommended, other browsers may have js and css compatibility issues, and the document effect is not optimal

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