APubPlat A Devops automated deployment, continuous integration, bastion host open source project, friendly Web Terminal

APubPlat A Devops automated deployment, continuous integration, bastion host open source project, friendly Web Terminal

Hi, I m very glad that you can enter here, I m zane, I m here to introduce you a complete Devops automated deployment tool

APubPlat-a complete Devops automated deployment, continuous integration, bastion host, and friendly Web Terminal open source project.

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github address: github.com/wangweiange...

document: apub-wiki.seosiwei.com

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Function description

  • Asset management: Manage assets conveniently and quickly, group assets, assign different assets to applications, and quick console management.

  • Application management: Various application tasks can be established, front-end and back-end publishing tasks, single-machine and multi-machine tasks can be executed at the same time, and task logs can be displayed in real time.

  • WEB console: A set of powerful Web Terminal, which can directly replace Xshell and other tools, can open windows or execute commands individually or in batches (Linux system has been supported, and later versions support windows system).

  • Script management: can pre-install various soft installations or execute various commands for single or multiple assets, and can freely customize various pre-installed scripts, such as installing nginx

  • Single|Multi-machine script generation: Shell scripts can be generated for a single machine or multiple machines at the same time to the specified directory at the same time, which is convenient for unified management and operation.

  • Backup and restore: Single and multiple machines can be backed up at the same time, and back up according to the detailed date, and any historical version can be restored at any time with one key.

Application scenario

  • Various front-end static releases (for example: pure front-end continuous integration such as vue, react, jquery)

  • Front-end middle-tier release (for example: continuous integration of services such as front-end middle-tier developed using node.js)

  • Back-end publishing (does not limit back-end language, only depends on shell script)

  • Single machine | Multiple machines simultaneously publish, backup, restore

  • The web version of xshell allows you to conveniently manage server resources anytime and anywhere

  • Powerful permissions management capabilities, assigning different management permissions to different roles, making our continuous integration more flexible and convenient

Installation Environment

The environment that APubPlat relies on is not complicated, and the requirements for software and hardware are not high. A 1G dual-core server can handle it.

APubPlat development technology is based on egg.js and vue.js, so you only need to install the node environment. The recommended version of node.js is 8.9.0 ~ 10.15.1

The database is based on mongudb, the environment database is based on redis, and the web server is based on nginx. You can install all software and services on one machine.

If you want to learn more, you can choose to view the project documentation: apub-wiki.seosiwei.com

Project preview

Login interface, please register the admin account when using it for the first time, other accounts are added and edited in the background

You can customize any project environment that suits you

Asset management is a core capability of the project. All continuous integration depends on assets. It is also one of the entrances of Web Terminal.

You can create any application that needs to be published and managed, and assign the corresponding assets. You can choose stand-alone deployment, partial deployment or full deployment

Here you can view the application build status, backup status, and generation configuration status at any time

All deployments depend on shell scripts. The correctness of the scripts determines whether your application can be successfully deployed.

Friendly web-based interface deployment log, support for multiple machines, you can control the deployment status at any time, and you can also terminal the release of a certain machine at any time

Powerful Web Terminal capabilities, the same experience as the xshell tool, manage your assets anytime, anywhere

Interested in

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github address: github.com/wangweiange...

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