WeChat applet advertising components are fully open, let s try new things together

WeChat applet advertising components are fully open, let s try new things together

On July 9, 2018, the WeChat team announced the announcement that the advertising components of WeChat Mini Programs will be fully open: "The advertising components of Mini Programs (including mini game categories) are fully open. Developers can apply for the opening of traffic masters in the background of the Mini Program. You can access advertisements in the mini program and get advertising revenue on a monthly basis."

Guidelines for the main opening of Mini Program Traffic

1. Opening threshold: a small program with a cumulative independent access user (UV) not less than 1,000 and no serious violation records. 2. Activation process: Enter the WeChat public platform mini program backend, click "Traffic Master" on the left panel, and the mini program developer who meets the activation threshold can directly click "Activate" to create the corresponding advertising space. 3. Usage introduction: After activation, the developer can copy the embed code of the ad plug-in, and the ad display position is flexibly controlled by the developer.

Introduction to Mini Program Advertising Component

After opening the traffic master, small game developers can access banner ads and rewarded video ads at the same time, and small program developers of non-small game categories only support banner ads for the time being. The small program advertisement display scene is customized by the developer, and the traffic owner can flexibly set the display page and location according to the characteristics of the respective small program.

A line of code successfully accesses the banner advertising component


After the full release of WeChat mini-program ads, many mini-program developers were excited to add ads to their WeChat mini-programs as soon as possible, thinking of how many nights and weekends they would give up to accompany their sisters, and the results of overtime development will finally have income. I even fantasize about earning a pot of gold, buying a house, buying a car, and marrying Bai Fumi as soon as possible. . .

However, after the online release, I hurriedly opened my small program, only to find that the online version did not display ads, but the development version and the experience version were normal, and a basin of cold water was poured on my head.

In fact, don t panic. In the background, the traffic owner has already clearly prompted "The first submission of the Mini Program ad component requires compliance review before it can be displayed online; the review time is 1 working day, and the online ad display will be temporarily closed during the review. The small partners all just started the online version without ads, and there will be ads after the review is passed.

Of course, if the small program/mini game advertising component does not meet the display specifications, the advertising display function will be closed. After the rectification and re-release, the official WeChat team will review it and start the advertising display within 24 hours.

Mini Program for Successful Access to Advertising

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