2018.12.28|Blockchain technology headlines

2018.12.28|Blockchain technology headlines

Today's blockchain technology headlines

1. The latest block chain technology headlines|Choose the right track and cross the winter: the design ideas and evolution logic of the block chain

2. Dry goods | Proof of Stake Ecosystem 102: The End of the Era of Slavery

3. In- depth understanding of Plasma (2) Plasma details

4. Use emerging technologies such as blockchain and AI to solve business challenges

5. Development combat: how to use Web3.js API to transfer money on the page

6. Security threats and challenges facing blockchain

7. The most sophisticated hacker in history: Robbing the bank, making ATM spit 1 billion euros, all of which are converted into Bitcoin

8. Cold traders and bubble discriminators, teach the secrets of bear market trading

9. Power Ledger project evaluation: Subverting the power oligarchs is extremely difficult, and the details of power sales are doubtful

10. XSF Snowcoin, Monero coin new algorithm, CPU computer server mining tutorial!

Blockchain application

1. The State Administration of Taxation approved Shenzhen's first pilot blockchain electronic invoice.

2. JD Cloud signed a contract with the Tianjin Bureau of Statistics to use blockchain technology to promote accurate and efficient government decision-making.

3. "Blockchain + Shared Community" innovative social governance was selected as "40 Cases of Local Reform and Innovation".

4. The United Nations promotes blockchain-based telemedicine in East Africa.

5. Seoul, South Korea will set up a 130 billion won scale innovation fund to focus on investment in blockchain and other industries.

Blockchain International Briefing

1. Research: Among the 3300 white papers of ICO projects, 15% have plagiarized or fabricated the identity of the project founder.

2. Questionnaire survey: 42% of people believe that blockchain technology will have the greatest impact in 2019.

3. COO of Coinbase: The number of listings may increase sharply in 2019.

4. The Electrum wallet was hacked and nearly 250 bitcoins were stolen.

5. Nvidia was filed a class action lawsuit for its misrepresentation about the impact of crypto mining demand.

6. As the price of Bitcoin fell, Google searches for gold soared.

7. A new report related to the British banking industry: The industry generally believes that crypto startups pose a "major threat" to it.

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